Se l’andava cercando

To be dead or to be alive is the same thing

(Pier Paolo Pasolini, “The Earth as seen from the Moon”)

“Se l’andava cercando” (It served him right) is an independent, zero-budget short movie directed by Fabio Fodaro, presented at the Short Film Corner of Festival of Cannes 2014. It is about one of the most controversial and politically thorny Italian intellectuals, Pier Paolo Pasolini, and his mysterious murder. The title of the short film refers to -and reflects on- a well-known sentence pronounced by Giulio Andreotti (former Italian Prime Minister, better known as “il Divo”) during an interview, stating that Pasolini had seen his brutal death coming considering his dissolute way of life.

Is the end a real end? And what if it was the end of a poet? A reflection on Pier Paolo Pasolini and his “deserved” death. A homage to his Rome, a look through his eyes and his aesthetics; walking on his streets and meeting his “ghosts”.

Paris, 26 November 2016

“Se l’andava cercando (It served him right)”, projected in Paris for the launch event of the novel Alaska, by Frédéric Ghiglione (Editions la Völva)
Here are some pictures of the projection and of the debate that followed about the short film and Pier Paolo Pasolini, with the audience at Les Grands Voisins.
I would like to thank Frédéric for inviting me and Vito Tuosto, and Sabina Tortorella and Francesco Tellico for supporting us there.
As always, thanks to the whole cast of “Se l’andava cercando”; without their passion this short film would never have been realised.
It has been a wonderful night, and our short film keeps on making us proud.