Music videos

Succede Oggi (Today)

Band: Famm’era

Written, directed and edited by Pietro Fabio Fodaro

DOP Mattia Palombi

The stake as the media pillory. The story is set in the Middle Age, among nobles, minstrels, preachers and friars, but it actually happens “today”: an unusual music video about the contradictions of our times and everything we never managed to go beyond despite the cultural evolution which is supposed to distinguish today’s society compared to the medieval one where or story takes place.

Awarded Best Music Video at “Gioiosa in Corto Film Festival 2013”:

“The prize for the Best Music video goes to the eccentric video “Succede oggi (Today)” by Fabio Fodaro.”


Foglio bianco (White paper)

Composer: Andrea Carri (web:

Produced, shot and edited by Pietro Fabio Fodaro

A quote from a famous novel of Marcela Serrano, unfortunately not officially available in English, perfectly summarises the spirit of this music video: “White, he said, the colour of the beginning and of the end. The colour of who is about to change condition. White, he said, the colour of the absolute silence: not the silence of the death, but the one of the prelude to every possible metamorphosis.”


Singer: JayCash (Facebook:

Produced by Pietro Fabio Fodaro, Silvia Sinibaldi and CMJ Entertainment

Shot and edited by Pietro Fabio Fodaro

Debut single of the solo EP by JayCash, a Nigerian Afrobeats and Dancehall artist based in Edinburgh.