The snowy and desolate landscape of Mt Terminillo is the almost unreal scenery where the lives of a young precarious worker and a man of suspicious intentions meet.
Cнег is the occasion for this confrontation; Cнег is a girl from East Europe, standing alone at the bus-stop, waiting.
Precariousness, frustration and prejudice are the themes of this story which lets with a bitter taste till its end.

With Vito Tuosto, Elisabetta Rossi and Ciro Damiano
Director Pietro Fabio Fodaro
Story Ezio Tarantino
Screenplay E. Tarantino – A. Ceccarelli – P. F. Fodaro
DoP Gino Ruggeri
Camera Operators Luca Sano – Gino Ruggeri
Editor Francesca D’Urbano
Music Yari Gabbai
Costume designer Silvia Sinibaldi
Script Supervisor Anna Paroli