Birth of a turtle

Shot and edited by Pietro Fabio Fodaro

Original music by Marco Cucco

Short documentary about the birth of a Caretta-caretta turtle on the Italian coast, filmed exactly while coming out from the sand and starting its run to the sea and to the beginning of its adventure. It’s a short film about the precious, uncertain and magic moment when life starts.

Winner at “Film Festival sul Paesaggio 2013” (Polizzi Generosa, PA, Italy):
“This is a true tale that, while seems to describe a natural event it is actually far from every kind of didactic worry. The result is obtained through a conceptual direction style based on two precise choices: the contrast between the figure in movement and the closed and still background; the constant presence of the sound of the sea, without showing the water too early. This creates a sort of suspense, even though it is clear where the run will end.”

Awarded 1st Prize – Environment Category at “VII Festival Mediamix” (Florence, Italy):
“The jury: the video describes the birth of a turtle and represents the difficulty of getting to the sea as a destination, the uncertainty and dread of the first steps together with the exhausting struggle for survival. A big emotion for the beginning of life, which can be compared to the birth of the man and his struggles to reach goals. A new journey that everyone of us has to go through. The short film is self-funded.”

Selected for the 5th edition of “Festival del Cortometraggio Corto Corrente Città di Fiumicino” (Rome, Italy)

Finalist in the category CORTONATURA at “Gran Paradiso Film Festival 2013

Finalist at the 8th edition of “ILCORTO.IT 2013