In the last few years I have been fascinated by the art of the portrait in the various forms that it could be created: painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation. The face and its expression, the body with its shapes, and all varieties of body language expressed in a still moment as it is shown with the final result of an artistic creation. The duplication (or multiplication) of the person’s face/body is the primary captivation of my photography project, because like several masks that one could wear, the face is a mask in continuous reshaping. Therefore the portrait technique, from my point of view, gives an illusion of a perennial shape, but maybe this is true only subjectively, because everyone could have a different interpretation or vision of that “persona” (face or mask/character?).

Inspired by the doppelgänger imagery, I explored this theme and I put as input the following question for this project: am I just me, like the one I see myself reflected in the mirror or are there different myself that everyone sees and interprets in a different way?