I am a filmmaker, editor and photographer based in Central Scotland (even though this does not prevent me from a lot of creative wandering).

I was born in 1982 in the south of Italy, where I grew up until I moved to Rome to study Philosophy and Film Direction.

I graduated in Aesthetics with a thesis on Gilles Deleuze and I lived in the overwhelmingly inspiring Italian capital for about 10 years, researching and working on creative projects; then I moved to Scotland in 2014.

Pietro Fabio Fodaro Cannes 2014

Cinema -either in theory or practice- is my greatest passion and the core of my constant research and work; I have produced independent award-winning short films, short documentaries and music videos and I keep writing stories and realising projects, with or without the “perfect conditions”.

In the last few years, I have developed a strong fascination with photography and started experimenting with the static image too.

My photographic work is focused on landscape (photographs mostly taken during my travels around the UK) and portraits.

I currently work as freelance photographer and videomaker but you can also find me selling my work at craft and design fairs around Scotland.